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Meet Michael Powers

Michael loves to help figure out what’s next for entrepreneurs and leadership teams, and help them take their businesses to the next level. With a background that includes engineering, corporate strategy, marketing and sales, his unique blend of right and left brain thinking enables him to assess complicated, multi-disciplinary issues and help others succeed.

As a marketing and sales executive, he designed and implemented complex corporate strategies and has a track record of solid results. The companies he was a part of grew by more than four times in five years (one from $200M to $1B, another from $2M to $20M+).

Michael regularly engages business owners and CEOs individually and in a team environment as a Professional Certified Coach from the ICF.  His educational background includes a degree in engineering and an MBA from The University of Michigan. His training and experience leads to entrepreneurial leaders getting what they want from their businesses and they find that they are even better able to positively impact their colleagues, communities and families.

Michael and his wife live in Nashville, where they are parents of four children, ages 14 to 28, have two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren. He and his wife have a passion for helping Haiti, and he counts faith, family and friendships as his greatest treasures. He feels fortunate to have had great mentors along the way, and hopes to pass along a bit of what he’s learned to others to help them in their journey.

Michael Powers
Executive Coach, Leadership Team Coach, Workshop Leader and Inspirational Speaker

Why Choose Michael

One of the big challenges I faced as an executive at rapidly growing companies was not lack of access to great tools. It was how to apply them in where we were going. I needed to sharpen ideas with others prior to their implementation—professionally and personally. As an executive coach, my goal is to help leaders and leadership teams each take their next best step upward.