Executive Coaching

Your Catalyst
for Growth

Executive coaching helps you improve your executive leadership performance. We help you identify, recognize, and take the appropriate next steps to get where you want to go.

It's not our journey—it's yours. We’re here to help you find the edges of the step, discern where the steps might lead you, and then challenge and encourage you about which step to take.

Uniquely Tailored

The path you want to take will take you somewhere. We’ll take a look at where you are and where you want to go—and also examine the tools you currently have and those you might need for where you’re headed. We typically consult with clients in Nashville once or twice per month, for 60-90 minutes, in person or by phone. We usually begin with an initial complimentary executive coaching and evaluation session. Then, depending on your goals, we determine a place to start our work together. It's not a specified program. Your are unique. Our experience has taught us that however many clients we have, that's how many different ways we work with leaders and leadership teams.

Experience Counts

Every day, we bring a broad range of experiences to the table to help our clients, and we know that some will be more critical for you right now than others. Some of our clients choose to work with us because of our past work with others or our experience. Some are drawn to us because of our faith commitment. Some are directed to us by a fellow CEO who found what we do to be of great value. Regardless of how we come to work together, if a particular aspect of our own journey is important or meaningful to you, let us know.