Workshops & Keynotes

Engaging Keynotes and Workshops

From short presentations to daylong workshops, Michael delivers the inspiration, information and motivation to help you and your business grow. Each seminar is designed to help participants move from understanding to action, walking away with simple tools that help them and their businesses grow in new ways.

Speaking Topics:

“A Few Steps” Collection

In addition to leading a variety of half-day to whole-day workshops for companies, leadership groups and trade organizations, we also deliver short presentations on a number of topics relevant to high-growth organizations, corporate strategy, and business best practices. Here is a sampling of topics:

  • Your Top 3 Challenges
  • Goal Setting for Focus and Balance
  • A Simple Strategy
  • Do Your Pictures Match Your Words
  • Is Your Business Running You?
  • Building Your Balanced Scorecard
  • You, Your Team, Your Structure
  • What’s Next
  • Leading When You’re Not In Charge
  • Hiring Outside The Triangle

Executive Ascend

A series of daylong workshops designed to help leaders take their personal leadership journey to the next level. While the setting revolves around group learning, the focus is on individual work and accountability. The series is designed to bring in the differences in personalities and passions and give each person a different experience and personal plan for execution. If you are interested in or want to hear more about the eight types of sessions offered, contact us or send us an email.

Blogs, White Papers & More

For more insights from Michael on topics that have been discussed, we encourage you to visit our blog. Please contact us If you’d like to receive white papers, discuss other complimentary materials designed to help grow your business or learn more details regarding our eight session series.