Why “Upstairs”?

Have you ever thought about a staircase? About what it takes to climb a set of stairs? As I’ve worked with executives to help them take the next best step, it dawned on me how much a set of stairs can teach us about the climbs we take in life. Here’s just 10 things:

  1. They exist in all sorts of places – and can be made by you or have been made by others
  2. They make it easier to go somewhere, but still require effort
  3. They can take a lot of turnsThey go in both direction
  4. Some of them move you – but not many
  5. They are functional, but some in and of themselves, are a work of art
  6. You have a better understanding of where they go once you take them
  7. Some of them you can move, like a ladder, and use them again for another trip
  8. Many are behind a door that you need to open first
  9. They need a firm foundation

I’ll come back to these in another few posts, but it was this idea of a staircase in mind that we named the company. We want to help people take the next best step upward – and as you can tell, we enjoy taking the stairs.